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Wat Grenzen Delen

Hiking Map, 2021

A hiking map as part of Katinka Schlette's film "Wat Grenzen Delen". This hike is at the border area around Kranenburg (DL), Wyler (DL), Groesbeek (NL) and Berg en Dal (NL). The map shows a walking route that crosses the border several times - marked and unnoticed - and takes you past the wondrous, mysterious and sometimes absurd places in the border landscape from the film. 

Wandering Objects

Amsterdam,  2021

Wandering objects in the van Deysselbuurt and Kolenkitbuurt in Amsterdam. Whenever I heard passerby say someting about these objects I made a drawing.


Rotterdam,  2022

Houses from residents of the Nieuwe Binnenweg.

Line Sketches

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